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All 12 of the songs featured on "Nostalgia" have been meticulously researched and interpreted into the Hawaiian language. Amy Hanaialii combines her classical vocal training with the Hawaiian traditional art of falsetto singing in these alluring sounds of the past with a fresh interpretation. Willie K lends his incredible arrangements to each song in a diverse range that promises something for everyone. From the fun-loving, energetic "Rock-A-Hula Baby" to the bluesy, sultry "Beyond the Reef" and to the classic strains of "Aloha Oe," this album is a must-have for Hawaiian language enthusiasts, fans of old Hawaii, and anyone with a passion and longing for the tropical sunsets, white sandy beaches, trade winds and "Nostalgia" of Hawaii.

12 Tracks:
1. Lovely Hula Hands
2. Rock-A-Hula Baby
3. Waikiki
4. My Little Grass Shack
5. Beyond the Reef
6. The Hukilau Song
7. Blue Hawai'i
8. Sophisticated Hula
9. Kaimana Hila
10. Sweet Leilani
11. Tiny Bubbles
12. Aloha 'Oe