Island Style Ukulele

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“Island Style Ukulele,” from Neos Productions, is an instrumental compilation of 14 newly recorded island favorites by popular ukulele artists. Known as “the people’s instrument” and “the heart of Hawaii” the ukulele has played an important role in the everyday lives of Hawaiian Islanders since its introduction by Portuguese immigrants in the late eighteenth century.

Whether a first time listener or an avid ukulele aficionado, this collection of Na Hoku Hanohano and Hawaii Music Award winners and finalists such as Troy Fernandez, Herb Ohta Jr., Benny Chong, Imua Garza, Brittni Paiva, Gordon Freitas, Kalei Gamiao, and popular ukulele artists Bryan Tolentino, Daniel Baduria, Cory Fujimoto, Aaron Crowell, Jan Luna, Todd Adamski and Paka Smith, showcases the extraordinary sound and amazing versatility of the distinctly Hawaiian ukulele.

14 Tracks:
1. Puamana - Bryan Tolentino
2. Kawika - Brittni Paiva
3. E Ku`u Morning Dew - Benny Chong
4. Waika - Imua Garza
5. Hello Waimanalo - Gordon Freitas
6. Lullaby for a Rainy Night - Daniel Baduria
7. I'll Remember You - Kalei Gamiao
8. Lahaina - Corey Fujimoto
9. White Sandy Beach - Herb Ohta, Jr.
10. Kaulana Na Pua - Aaron Crowell
11. About You - Todd Adamski
12. Moloka`i Slide - Jan Luna
13. Take Me Home Country Roads - Troy Fernandez
14. Kanaka Wai Wai - Paka Smith