Watercolor Honu Desk Set

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A new addition to Island Heritage, foldable fabric fans are a lightweight yet portable souvenir with island-inspired designs. So whether you’re inside or enjoying the hot weather, these fans are convenient to carry. The fans are made up of Rayon fabric with bamboo frame and packaged in a peggable cellophane bag. 15 in. X 8.25 in. (38.1 cm X 21 cm)


These fun and colorful Notepads are a great way to keep track of your daily tasks or reminders. Includes 50 sheets and has a blocked out area for writing. Each notepad is shrink-wrapped, includes a cardboard backing and measures approximately 4 1/4”W x 6”H.

Stick 'N Notes

These adorable stick ‘n notes are perfect for writing short notes or messages. With an adhesive strip on the back, leaving short reminders around your home or office is a great way to share the spirit of the islands with family and friends. Each pad has 50 sheets, measures approximately 3” H x 4” W and is individually shrink-wrapped.

Stylus Pen

The Hawai'i - Pink Stylus Pen is sleek, dual-functional and a great souvenir that can be used at home and work. A rubber-stylus tip makes typing, drawing, and app-playing easier on all touch-screen surfaces and removes the fear of damaging or scratching your screen, as it mimics human touch. The barrel of the pen features colored acrylic rhinestones and a name drop of either “Hawai’i” or “Aloha.” The pen measures approximately 5 ½” long with a 3 /10” diameters and packaged in an acetate box.