Bonzai the Cheeky Panda & the Magical Bamboo

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Product Description

Share your love of reading with a child in your life and zip around the world with Bonzai, the Cheeky Panda, and his fearless tour guide, the magical bamboo! Bonzai takes the reader on a captivating adventure when he leaves the mountain-tops of Qinling, China to meet new friends in cities around the world. The rhythmic verse and vibrant fun-filled illustrations draw the reader into this magical world. Children will easily relate to the lovable Bonzai with his zest for interesting new places to help them be inspired to travel and explore the world. Bonzai and his friend, the magical bamboo, travel from China to exciting and fun stops in America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Follow along with a world map or leave places and sights to the imagination. Either way, this book will delight and inspire children of all ages to DREAM BIG! Where would you like to go next? Just say, "Zippity - zappity - pizzly - SNAP!" and join Bonzai and his friends for a magical trek AROUND THE WORLD!


Brook Lander grew up an only child on a farm in rural Kansas. While he loved country life, the anticipation of wanting more encouraged him to become a dreamer. After graduating from college, he set out for the City of Angels with nothing more than a big red suitcase—no friends, no family, no security, and a huge fear of driving the 101 and 405. While chasing ambitions of becoming an entertainment attorney, he discovered his creative talents and gift of storytelling. Eighteen years later, that journey, combined with multiple heartfelt conversations with his Mom, a Special Olympics Coach and Speech Pathologist, inspired him to encourage others to Dream Big just as he did. An idea was ignited during quarantine, and thus Bonzai came to life. When not creating, Brook can be found on the course enjoying his other true love—golf. As an accomplished golfer, he grew up competing at the highest levels on the national junior tours. He continues to be a scratch player today and is currently developing creative ways to push the game forward for the next generation


Eliza Fortney loves visiting the beautiful islands of Hawai‘i and uses the miraculous landscapes and rich culture as inspiration for her work. Eliza is a freelance illustrator in Kansas City where she lives with her husband and two rambunctious pugs. She has adored drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and loves to bring joy to people through her work. Eliza has always been a book connoisseur and strives to create books that teach kindness and compassion to readers of all ages. When she isn't illustrating children's books, Eliza enjoys teaching art lessons, playing the ukulele, and making baked goods for her friends and family.