Pua's Sweet Day

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Pua is a young puaʻa pig growing up on the beautiful island of Kauaʻi. Most of the time, Pua enjoys her sweet life, especially eating the tropical fruits in her valley. But sometimes, Pua gets mad. So mad that her thoughts and feelings get all “kapakahi” or mixed up and she has tantrums. One day, her wise Uncle Pono teaches her a mindful meditation to calm down, clear her mind, and manage her feelings and body. Through this simple exercise, Pua is reminded that she is connected to nature and the ʻaina all around her. A skill that will last a lifetime. 


Crissy Miyake was born and raised on the island of Kauai. Currently she is a clinical psychologist who works primarily with traumatized youth on the East Coast. Crissy enjoys coming back home to Hawai‘i with her family every chance she gets and introducing her mainland children to the wonders of the Pacific, the local people, and her home. 


Eliza Fortney loves visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii and uses the miraculous landscapes and rich culture as inspiration for her work. Eliza is a freelance illustrator in Kansas City where she lives with her husband and two rambunctious pugs. She has adored drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and loves to bring joy to people through her work. Eliza has always been a book connoisseur and strives to create books that teach kindness and compassion to readers of all ages. When she isn't illustrating children's' books, Eliza enjoys teaching art lessons, playing the ukulele, and making baked goods for her friends and family.