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Written by Crissy Miyake, Illustrated by Anneth Lagamo.

Kona is a young crab growing up in the warm waters off the Big Island of Hawai‘i. One day a terrifying hurricane rocks the ocean, frightening Kona and hurting his shell! Even after the storm leaves his home, he is reminded of that scary time. With Kona’s loving mother teaching and guiding him, he learns how to overcome his fears and keep a strong heart inside and out. Kona and His Hard Shell demonstrates the importance of understanding, coping and healing after a traumatic event.

Kona and His Hard Shell is a story for young readers that teaches the concept of trauma and resilience in a way that is easy to understand. Through the story, children will learn a grounding technique to help them overcome anxiety and manage their emotions. Author Crissy Miyake is originally from Kauai, and has lived through Hurricanes Iwa and Iniki. Understanding how trauma affects children, she now works as a clinical child psychologist with at-risk children. She hopes that Kona and His Hard Shell will help children “discover that they are not just able to survive a hardship, but thrive.”