Our Hawaii Vacation

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Written by Elizabeth Janczyk, Illustrated by Kristi Petosa-Sigel


Our Hawai’i Vacation is a fun story that both young children and parents will enjoy. It’s a rhythmic tale that follows a young toddler’s airplane ride to the Hawaiian Islands for a special family vacation. This story has a positive message for children about travel, adventure, the outdoors, family and respect for nature. This is a unique story told from the perspective of a young visitor who loves everything about the island lifestyle and spending quality time with family. 


Elizabeth Janczyk Inspired by her own family’s trips to the Hawaiian Islands, wrote a tribute to her toddler’s adventures in Maui and Kaua’i. As a practicing CPA by day, this is Elizabeth’s first children’s picture book. Her desire in writing Our Hawai’i Vacation is to capture the thrill of possibility a young visitor has for travel, outdoors and quality family time, while also paying respect to Hawai’i and its island lifestyle and nature. 


Kristi Petosa-Sigel loved to draw and paint as a child and dreamed of being a professional artist and illustrating children’s books. Living in Kailua, Kristi works as a freelance artist, has illustrated several children’s books and raised three very creative children. She also shares her passion of art with the students at Lanikai School where she has been the art teacher for more than a decade. As a self taught illustrator her work reflects her admiration for the art of hula, the children she teaches, and her love for the islands and the people of Hawaii.